Business Model

Simple. Transparent. Low costs. Interests aligned. Tax efficient. Like-minded investors. Best practices. Manager net worth invested alongside clients.

Investment Process

Begin with a disciplined top-down asset class and sector allocation; followed by bottom-up security selection based on defining the investment thesis, analyzing the value proposition and identifying specific catalysts. Selection of security within the capital structure evaluated on risk-return profile.


Generate, over the long-term, good risk-adjusted returns, with alpha. Preserve capital with proper risk controls. Maintain high level of liquidity and tax efficiency. Keep investment costs very low.


Value based, event driven, long biased. Invest in North American equities and credit. Diversified across industries and asset classes. Short exposure for hedging and alpha generation. No leverage.

​​Executive Summary

Family Office


Flexibility to allocate capital dynamically. Opportunities, not formulas, determine portfolio composition. Avoidance of crowded trades with contrarian approach.

Risk Management

Measured, monitored and managed at individual position and portfolio level. Active scrutiny of market, counterparty, custodian, operational risks. Quantitative and qualitative guidelines include long/short ratio, position size, industry concentration, gross and net exposure levels, daily NAV and liquidity analysis, rigorous value-based research with “margin of safety”. Strict selling discipline. Willingness to hold cash if opportunities are scarce or market conditions poor.

Awards Since Dec. 1, 2012 Inception

2016 Barclayhedge 3-year Compound Returns Ranked #5

2016 Barclayhedge Performance Ranked # 9

2014 Barclayhedge and Eurekahedge Performance Ranked #6 and #2

2013 Barclayhedge and Eurekahedge Performance Ranked #3